Sisters Stephanie Podolak and Carolyn Snell form the face of pop-rock group Sestra. Derived from their Ukrainian heritage, their stage name translates to “sister,” reinforcing their emphasis on family and shared passions.

With the release of their debut EP, Actions Speak Louder, Sestra reminisces about growing up and navigating difficult relationships. Quite literally a labor of love, the sisters concluded studio work on the EP, while Jo was still eight months pregnant.

Actions Speak Louder effectively establishes itself as the perfect summer playlist, complete with addictive melodies and warm harmonies. Since its release, the EP has garnered significant attention, securing an LA Music Critic Award for “Best Group EP” in 2014 and a two-song placement in the forthcoming independent film Second Journey.


  • Till We Find Ourselves’ in ThreePoint
  • ‘Dreamward Bound’ in NBC Promos 2019